Board of Directors & Staff

The Board of Directors meet as needed and the meeting is open to Homeowners.

  • Ronald Hughes – Presiden

  • Trish Ieraci – Vice President

  • John Shaw – Secretary

  • Terri Kreit – Treasurer

  • Daniel Thorpe – Director

  • Michele Sines – Director

Add Interim Site Manager:
Dax Zombro

Office Management - Stacie Montgomery & Cristin Rydzewski

Management Company - David Rider, Contractor

Board Meetings

If a Member (lot owner) is interested in presenting an issue at a Board meeting, the Board is more than willing to accommodate that person so long as the issue is submitted in writing to the Management Company by the first of the month in which the meeting will take place. The request will be reviewed, and unless the Board determines that it is not appropriate to have the matter discussed, the Member (lot owner) will be heard on the matter at the beginning of the next scheduled meeting.

All meetings held at the Ronald M. Neff Community Center.