1. Before building a fence, the property owner must have written Board approval for the project. Requests for approval must be made through the North Gate Site Manager. Dax Zombro.

  2. Proper design- all North Gate back yard fences must be of the same style: board on board with lattice topper; minimum 5', maximum 6' total height: Long Fence style; No other style will be approved.

  3. Material- fence must be built with pressure treated lumber: 4x4 fence posts; 6x6 gate posts; 2x4 framing; 1x6 board on board; 12” lattice topper; 1x4 top rails. Gates to be 1x6 construction with arched top.

  4. After a proper drying time, a fence must be sealed; refer to Site Manager for details. This is to retard the UV damage (graying) to the fence, and preserve its appearance.

  5. As fences age, they must be maintained in an appropriate condition: split, rotted, missing, or damaged wood and hardware must be repaired or replaced as needed. Fences will need occasional power washing and sealing. This is key to maintaining the beauty of our neighborhood and the value of your property.