Exterior Changes Guidelines

The materials included in the Approved Exterior Paint Colors booklet are actual color samples and includes guidelines regarding alterations or additions to the external appearance of your unit or property. You may request a booklet using the Contact Form.

To keep the unity of color in the development, you may choose from the approved shutter/ door paint colors, with Board approval. Paint colors are from Sherwin Williams exterior paint collection.

Approved deck stain color swatches may be obtained from Dax Zombro Site Manager. Deck stains are from the Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Collection.Only these Sherwin Williams stains are approved.

Please submit these requests through the Site Manager, Dax Zombro All exterior changes must be approved by the North Gate Board of Directors

We have a dated photo registry of all units in the Development. ANY proposed alterations or additions must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • plantings, flag poles
  • satellite dishes (Direct TV)
  • fences, decks
  • gazebos, awnings
  • hot tubs
  • front porches, rear porches
  • sidewalks and driveways
    • New info for sidewalk coating
  • shutter and garage door painting
  • trim painting and deck staining

The purpose of this requirement is to keep North Gate the premiere townehome community in Washington County. Action will be taken against those who do not comply with Covenants and Conditions.


No building, fence, hedge, privacy enclosure wall, retaining wall, driveway, sign, swimming pool, tank, hot tub, greenhouse, free standing mailbox, gazebo, or structure of any kind (collectively called "Structures") shall be commenced, erected or maintained on the Property, nor shall any addition to (including awnings) or change or alteration therein (Including alterations in exterior color or design) be made, until the plans and specifications, in duplicate, showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, color, locations and approximate cost of the Structure, addition or alteration shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Company. The Company shall consider applications for approval of plans, specifications, etc. upon the basis of conformity with the Declaration and shall be guided by the extent to which the proposed Structure, addition, or alteration will ensure conformity and harmony in exterior design and appearance, based upon, among other things, the following factors; the quality of the workmanship; nature and durability of materials; harmony of external design with existing Structures; choice of colors; changes in topography, grade elevations and/or drainage; factors of public health and safety; the effect of the proposed Structure, addition or alteration on the use, enjoyment and value of other neighboring properties; and/or on the outlook or view from adjacent or neighboring properties; and the suitability of the proposed Structure; addition or alteration taking into account the general aesthetic values of the surrounding area.

Information the Board of Directors needs to process your request:
1. Letter detailing change and materials
2. Detailed drawings of project (2 copies)
3. Subcontractor or vendor estimate and proposed timeline
4. Color Selection

This information must be submitted to the address listed below. The Board of Directors will need 30 days upon receipt of information to review and take action on the request.