Set Out Policy

1. Regular trash/ recycling set out day is Tuesday as per City schedule; set out time is after 4 P.M.

(For Monday Holidays; move set out to Wed, after 4 P.M.; consult for further information.)

2. Except for #1 above, all trash /recycling containers must be stored in garages and out of public view. No containers may be stored in front or along sides of townhomes, or outside of garage doors. Townhomes without garages must store containers at back of home, out of public view.

Residential Trash and Recycling Collection  
The City recently improved our recycling and trash collection program in the following ways: 

  1. SIMPLE: Trash collection, recycling collection, and yard waste collection now occur on the SAME night. In other words, one night a week you will set out EVERYTHING. If unsure, click HERE to see the zone maps and FIND your collection calendar.

  2. CONVENIENT: Recyclables (glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard, etc) can all be placed together in one City-issued recycling container.  There is no need to separate recyclables. 
The North Gate Community trash and recycling set out is on Tuesday’s after 4 p.m. 

Click here for the 2024 Trash Schedule